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Thrashing Up Vertical Surfaces

Murals & Wall Coverings
Classic Play

Focusing on the broken, this design displays the combination of original colors and simplistic black and white.

Hexagonal Colors

Untraditional take on the original wallpaper.

New York Landscape

An original US Vinyl Wall covering depicting the NYC landscape.

Spinning circles

Taking the original circle cutouts and combining them with layers of breakage.

Layers of Color

A mirage of color combined to show the variations of colors and stories.

A pioneer in design materials, Rich Moorhead was the first to bring recycled skateboards to vertical surfaces in the form of wall-tile. Organizing the riot of colors and levels of distress became his craft. “I discovered a recipe of balance” , as he sifted through absolute randomness to create his mosaics. Almost audible stories were told in every scratch, scrape and break, making him a curator of experiences and expression one broken-skateboard at a time.

In his digital wall covering collaboration with US Vinyl, Rich expands upon his original concept, this time obsessed with the drastic and colorful fractures of a once ridden skateboard. “Fractures are a part of life, in nature and even relationships”. Enhancing and manipulating these splintered imperfections would carve his path forward, showcasing structural weakness as a design strength.

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