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a story built from broken skateboards


The RMD Story

The original founder of "Art of Board", self taught artist Rich Moorhead and soon to be author and keynote speaker, gained international acclaim for his iconic wall-tile made from recycled-skateboards.  

In his basement he experimented with various concepts for the unwanted material acquired from local skate shops. Mirrors and other home decor items helped him to refine a process, maximizing productivity and minimizing waste as he inched closer to the idea of a full scale wall tile."Using thrashed decks as an actual interior finish seemed far fetched at the time" he recalls. His epiphany lead hime to create what is now known as his "original mosaic"(seen far right). "My original mosaic, I referred to as "Flo", was intended to show movement, scale and separation of color". It was also the very first attempt at using grout.  

Modified for mass production, his mesh mounted, sustainable wall-covering(skateboard tile) became a colorful solution for interior designers, fortune 500 companies and leading architectural firms across North America and projects around the globe.  

 The distressed graphics, splintered edges and colorful layers of a broken skateboard continue to 

drive Rich's passion today, ironically fueled by the scrap fall-off pieces of projects and stories from his past.                Journey along with Rich as his one-of-a-kind pieces become inspiration for collaborations in ceramic tile, fabric, wall-coverings, art and more. Author of his upcoming book titled "When the Wheels Come Off", Rich walks us through his discovery, drawing analogies from his experiences to business, mindset, overcoming obstacles, entrepreneurship and so much more. 

Feel free to contact Rich to discuss your next project or speaking engagement. His story resonates beyond his work, as he displays the complicated relationship between a skateboarder and interior design.  

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Rich Moorhead 
First time using grout on recycled-skateboard material in his kitchen 2004. This would later prove groundbreaking as his skateboard tile concept gained traction as a viable residential and commercial finish. 

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