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All images taken from Imagine Tile.
Follow links attached to each image to purchase tile.
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Rich Moorhead built this 6 color-way collection, called "rePLY", by dissecting hundreds of broken skateboards for specific bands of color or “ply”. The layers of each skate deck were modified into strips, removed of their grip tape, glued and pressed together. The finished wood pieces were then photographed and baked onto a ceramic substrate and glazed through a custom process. In the end, this linear pallet of intentional color creates an architectural detail worthy of conversation, while adding a fitting "rePly" to contemporary design.

Peeling Back the Layers of rePLY 

Intrigued by the functional & colorful layers within every skateboard, Rich had always envisioned this colllection coming together. "The reality was that the original wood version failed to meet the demands of commercial environments, and was extremely labor intensive and cost prohibitive” Rich explains. The solution was clear however, having already experienced success with his original  skate-inspired collection through a collaboration with Imagine Tile. 

By embedding the hi-resolution images from his wood protypes into a glazed and commercially-rated substrate, any concerns of durability or scalability had been addressed. This beautiful and cost effective solution would serve well to represent the original wood version, while capturing the imagination of the skater and the layers within every interior space.

- Under Construction -

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