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Made entirely from recycled skateboards, my original mosaic represents the beginning, turning broken skateboards into sustainable wall-tile.

This piece, I called “Flo”, became the proving ground to the functionality of the material and it’s flexibility in design. 

The printed version of "Flo" was my way of sharing this piece with the public. It legitimized it's place as an art piece, while preserving it's historical significance as an interior finish.

In an experiment I poured resin over the printed version, amplifying the colorful imagery and thrashed graphics beneath. The comparison to stained-glass was hard for me to resist, as the material hardened to it's crystal clear solid state. This adaptation of my original work, opened the door to original new artwork, decor, way-finding, coasters and much more.  It was only fitting that I call this new direction "Stained Thrash".

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The Pour
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